Be He@lthy, Be Mobile : A handbook on how to implement mCervicalCancer

Titre:      Be He@lthy, Be Mobile : A handbook on how to implement mCervicalCancer
Catégorie:      Document, Santé de la femme, Gynécologie, Cancer cervical, Cancer
LivreID:      141
Auteurs:      Union Internationale des Télécommunications
ISBN-10(13):      978-92-61-21481-4
Date de publication:      2017
Edition:      1
Number of pages:      47
Langue:      Anglais
Classification:      1 
Image:      cover
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Digital health and technology can play an important role in supporting ongoing efforts to heighten the prevention, control and management of cervical cancer. This handbook is intended to provide guidance for stakeholders on the appropriate mobile technologies for use in this approach, to make comprehensive cervical cancer care feasible and affordable.

While awareness strategies for cervical cancer prevention and control have existed for many years, national programmes for vaccinating against, screening and treating cervical cancer and its precursors are in various stages of development and implementation. Mobile phone-based support provides the means to strengthen national cervical cancer programmes by facilitating the implementation of interventions in a mobile and technology based format.

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